Product software development
Focus, Performance, Security.
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Customers demand better performance from your applications - after all, time is money. Gimanzo is uniquely positioned to offer software development across both Linux and Windows platforms and can program in environments such as Node.js, .Net, AngularJS, React and Golang.

Knowing the strengths and weakness of these technologies means we can deliver applications and data to your customers fast, secure and balanced to your budget.

Web & API Development

We can build your application from requirements through to delivery. Plus give you support as long as you need it.

Cloud & DevOps

Azure, AWS and Softlayer are all cloud providers we actively work with, we can configure, secure and deploy to your preferred provider.

Search & Analytics

Speed is one of our specialties, whether its tuning database indexes, denormalising data, caching or using search technology for fast analytics.

RFPs & Pitches

If you’re an agency or specialist firm who needs some hardcore backend input to your proposals, look no further.

Health Checks & Advice

Want to take your app to the next level? In as little as a day we can review your current system and get you feedback in plain English.


Richard Armstrong started Gimanzo in the UK back in 2011 with the aim to provide ‘product first’ software development. Gimanzo has now moved to Auckland and is actively working with both overseas and Australasian clients.

  • 2016

    Medical Services Analytics

    Working as an associate of Synergia consulting we have developed an analytics platform for medical services throughout New South Wales. The platform enables the relevant authorities to gain insights and make strategic decisions to provide better training and healthcare.

    ElasticSearch, Node.js, AngularJS, SQL Server, Azure

  • 2016

    HOT Recharge

    Hot Recharge is an m­commerce and mobile phone recharging platform in Zimbabwe which talks to 4 different mobile networks and is available via consumer and business interfaces. Working remotely Gimanzo re­-architected a large codebase with the following broad non­functional requirements: maintainability, security, latency.

    Asp.Net WebAPI, Windows Services, SQL Server, Azure

  • NZ Based Approachable Efficient

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